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Oh, I can't help quoting you...

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August 22nd, 2005

07:13 pm - and someone mistook Joan of Arc for John Locke...
When the lather runs smooth on the pacifist's sea.

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06:44 pm
i want the one i can't have
and it's driving me mad

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August 4th, 2005

11:29 am
"I'll never make that mistake again"


somehow it stings.

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April 8th, 2005

03:55 pm
my friend dancingbullet (who's 18th birthday is today!!! yay I love you stephie!!) showed me this:

maybe you've seen it before, maybe not. I just thought that was cute.
yeah yeah, i'll come up with real quotes later.
nice to see a community like this! i'm very happy to join.

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March 29th, 2005

11:19 am

"There are more than enough to fight and oppose why waste good time fighting the people you like?"

"...and yet you start to recoil heavy words are so lightly thrown, but still I'd leap in front of a flying bullett for you."

These have been selected for their relevance to my life at the minute...

and these have been selceted for the level of Morrissey Marr love that once existed...which I would like to commemorate! 

"Angel don't take your life some people have got no pride they do not understand the urgency of life, but I love you more than life."

 "I would like to thank John Maher of Whytenshaw for putting me where I am today, which reminds me, where am I?" the latter being Morrissey's acceptance speech when he won the Ivor Novello award and being an approximation of what he said...

Current Mood: groggygroggy
Current Music: The Draize Train studio version The Smiths

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March 27th, 2005

09:00 pm - he knows so much about these things!
after hearing morrissey wail, "i would go out tonight, but i haven't got a stitch to wear..."
my mom asks me (in tagalog), "babae ba yan?" [is that a girl?]

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March 10th, 2005

06:07 pm - So so heatbreakingly soul achingly painfully wonderful y don't they all appreciate the smiths?
and you never knew how much I really liked you because I never even told you, oh and I meant to - I look forward to crying over that one randomly on buses!! - I saw someone I used to love not so long ago and so the relevance is so close it's painful!!
Current Mood: crushedi WAS quite happy...
Current Music: back to the old house hatful of hollow version of course!

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February 25th, 2005

02:25 pm
I am feeling the whole "What she said was sad but then all the rejection she's had to pretend to be happy would only be idiocy..."
Current Music: What she said...

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February 8th, 2005

11:54 pm - funny, funny.
Abel Kingly: my version goes
Abel Kingly: "Punctured bicycle on a hillside desolate... (Kol in the background): NOOO BICYCLE!! MUST SALVAGE!"
Abel Kingly: "Raissa afraid... Where do Zach's intentions lay, or does he even have any? She said "he never really looks at me."
Abel Kingly: But he said "her eyes have got nothing for me." In the room downstairs, she and Adam stare, but in the room downstairs, there are no stairs.
Abel Kingly: man I'm hurtful
Abel Kingly: mwuah don't kill me, I'm using metaphors
Abel Kingly: "I'll never make that mistake again".... whoops
Current Mood: amusedamused
Current Music: les savy fav

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February 7th, 2005

08:17 am - What She Said...
What she said :
"How come someone hasn't noticed
That I'm dead
And decided to bury me ?
God knows, I'm ready !"
Current Mood: cynicalcynical

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